Choosing a type of submission

Before submitting your paper, please read carefully the following instructions and follow the GUIDELINES strictly.

All papers must be submitted to:

Submission deadline is January 31, 2018.



Different types of submissions:

There are several options for submissions. Papers may focus on marketing and marketing-relevant topics, employing qualitative or quantitative analytic approaches. Traditional hypothesis testing, model-based approaches and other analytic techniques are welcome. So, too, are ethnographic studies, conceptual papers and case studies.

The quality of every conference depends on the generosity of reviewers, who donate their time freely in service to the academy. Please spell check your paper, adhere to APA 6th style guidelines and do not abuse page limits. Papers that exceed page limits will be returned without review.


Submitting a paper, extended abstract or poster abstract

There are three options for paper submissions.

Full papers. Full paper submissions must be less than 7500 words including the title page, reference list, and all appendices (i.e., usually less than 25 total pages).

Extended Abstracts. Extended abstracts may not exceed 2000 words, including the title page, reference list, and all appendices (i.e., usually less than 7 total pages). Extended abstract should summarize the paper, including its conceptualization, research methods, and major findings.

Poster Abstract. Poster abstracts may not exceed 1000 words, including the title page and abstract (i.e., usually less than 4 total pages). Poster session abstracts concern works-in-progress that are not yet at a stage of readiness that would allow presentation or publication. They should briefly summarize the conceptualization, methods, and major findings. Poster session abstracts will be presented as posters in the poster presentation session. Faculty and conference attendees will visit with poster session abstract authors.

Possible acceptance of full papers and extended papers for the poster session. The EMCB Conference takes a developmental approach, which is intended to stimulate research in emerging markets. Reviewers may find that some papers submitted for the main conference, although promising and potentially interesting, are not yet at the stage required for conference presentation. Authors of these full papers and extended abstracts may be conditionally accepted for the conference poster sessions. Acceptance for the poster sessions is intended to provide authors of a potentially interesting paper with the opportunity to discuss the paper with other researchers, with the goal of helping them develop their papers further and explore collaboration in future research.

Important reminder

All papers must be submitted to:

Submission deadline is January 31, 2018.


Submitting a special session or roundtable session proposal

Special sessions.We invite special session proposals that are intended to highlight significant areas for research on marketing in emerging markets. Proposals may focus on the state of research in a specific scholarly area, specific research question(s), or any other topic that is likely to help set the stage for future research. The authors and their affiliations should be provided with a 50 word summary for each paper proposed for the special session. The total special session proposal should not exceed 2000 words, including the title page and proposed session information (i.e., usually less than 7 total pages). In addition, a declaration needs to be provided by the author(s) of each paper in the special session indicating that at least one author will attend the conference if the special session is accepted.

Roundtable discussions. Following the popular Association for Consumer Research format, we invite roundtable discussions. Roundtable discussions are intended to bring together a group of researchers to discuss the way forward in a focused area of scholarly research. An important distinction between roundtable discussions and other submissions is the deliberately structured open-ended nature of the submission, which is intended to provide a rich forum for new ideas and insights. Proposals should identify the organizers of the roundtable discussion and others who will be participating in the discussion and outline the purpose and focus of the discussion (e.g., develop collaborative teams, generate new ideas, and share interests with the broader community conducting research in emerging markets).

Publication in conference proceedings.

The conference proceedings will be published in book form that complies fully with the South African Department of Higher Education and Training requirements for accreditation.

Full papers. Authors of full papers have two publication options. They may choose (a) to publish the full paper or (b) to submit a 2000 word extended abstract of the paper for publication in the proceedings.

If the extended abstract option is chosen, then the extended abstract must be received prior to the submission deadline.

Extended Abstracts. Extended abstracts will be published in the proceedings.

Poster Abstract.Poster abstracts will be published in the proceedings.