The Emerging Markets Conference Board (EMCB) is a global initiative orchestrated by the influential marketing scholar, Prof. Naresh Malhotra, of the Scheller College of Business at Georgia Tech, with the support of leading journal editors and scholars from around the world.

The rising importance of emerging markets in the global economy is recognized as a defining megatrend of our times.  In just one generation, some 2 billion people are transiting from rural, agrarian lifestyles to modern consumer living.  The unparalleled transition compares to the industrial revolution in its dramatic transformation of the social, economic, and political landscape, prompting a race to serve fast-growing unsaturated markets that could be worth $30 trillion annually and represent half of total global consumption by 2025.

EMCB brings together interested individuals to identify common goals and interesting research questions.  They share insights and findings from research on marketing in emerging economies and explore collaboration and cooperation opportunities with the goal of shaping the agenda for research on marketing in emerging markets, which remains in its infancy.

Regular paper submissions open 1 July 2017

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